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Sales Culture

Together with my clients I create training programs towards a new sales culture by optimizing customer relations and internal communications
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Sæt SKUB i din forandringsledelse

20. august på Hotel Vejlefjord

Står du over for en forandringsproces? Tag med på årets ledelseskonference og få konkrete værktøjer til at delagtiggøre og motivere dine medarbejdere, når organisationen skal gøres klar til nye udfordringer, vækststrategier og forandringer.

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Next Steps

Which sales and leadership skills do you have to develop?
Which international markets do you want to conquer?
How can my international network and expertise create value for you?

Following a coffee meeting with no strings attached and a free preliminary analysis we will in collaboration design the right training program for you.


  • Continue with this teacher. A teacher that most certainly was able to convey a message that was coherent.
    Management 1
  • Insanely inspiring and the teacher was able to involve all of us in a pleasant and constructive way.
    Management 2
  • Absolutely fantastic teacher who was exciting and spoke on a level everyone could understand.
    Management 3